'BIG LOVE' is all we need #ShowbizStew

The Black Eyed Peas have overnight released their first track in a decade.

'BIG LOVE' includes the topics of "gun violence, police violence, social media disconnection, race relations in America, while reminding the world of the importance and power of love and hope." 

Think of it as an upgraded version of their 2003 hit, 'Where is the Love?'

They also announced they will be releasing their new album, Masters of the Sun, on October 12th, however, Fergie will not be singing with them. will.i.am, apl.de.ap and Taboo say Fergie will always be a member of the family, but for now, they are all simply "going to continue to do our thing."


Mark Wahlberg's secret to 'Beast Mode'

He was asked by a fan on Instagram to detail his workout routine, so the 47 year old shared his daily schedule with his 10.3million followers:

The Hollywood star thanked his trainers and chef, who he calls his "the 4am club".

We need a lil nap just reading that!


New Irish Crime Series Taken Down Snapped Up By TV Giants

RTÉ's new drama Taken Down starring Brian Gleeson, Lynn Rafferty (Nadine in Love/Hate) and French actress Aissa Maiga (Eye-eesa my-eega) is set to air worldwide after a major international distribution firm bought a stake in it.

The deal gives British-based Fremantle, who also distribute the X Factor and American Idol, the right to sell the series to international TV companies. 

Directed by David Caffrey (Peaky Blinders) and written by Love/Hate's Stuart Carolan.

The politically-minded crime series follows the story of a detective investigating the death of a young Nigerian immigrant found close to a Direct Provision centre.

It is described as "gripping and authentic drama which highlights the reality of living as a refugee in Ireland today"

And a Fremantle representative says it will have "global audiences transfixed with its emotionally charged storyline and complex characters played by an amazing ensemble cast".

Taken Down is due for release before the end of the year (late October - mid December)

Move over Nidge...

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