It's hard to beat a classic!!

All of the best movies and TV shows draw us in with their intriguing storylines, incredible casts and visual brilliance, but sometimes it's the classic lines we remember most. 

Those quotes have a way of getting lodged into our brains and are blurted out nearly unknown to ourselves, whenever we feel the time is right.

Over the weekend, Andy Kelly on Twitter was asking ‘What’s a phrase you’ve picked up from a TV show or film that you use regularly’?

So The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show asked listeners for their go-to phrases. I'd say you'll recognise a few of these, and you might even use them yourself:


Down with that sort of thing - father Ted. Dan


 “Alrighty then“ - From ace Ventura pet detective. Brian from Wexford 


I'm a primary school teacher and I often say 'Lovely Jubbly' (Dell Boy) for their good work, the kids laugh at it!


It has to be “That would be an ecumenical matter” Iano. Even in semi-serious work meetings I use that phrase when there’s a bit of a dubious answer in reality. Micko 


JOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD!! That’s the phrase used in my house the most from Friends!! Darina 


"You’re on thin f***ing ice my pedigree chums", from Snatch. Packie in Monaghan

The Snapper had a couple in there, "Good girl Sharon" and "that was A1" and we could have filled it with Father Ted material - defo the most used we reckon. But where was Dumb and Dumber?? "Mock! Yeah" or my fave...

But what do you use? Give us a couple of gems we haven't thought of.

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