As picked by you!

The legendary Irish comedian Ardal O'Hanlon turns 53 today.

Best known for his role as the iconic Father Dougal Magurie, Iano asked you today what your favourite Dougal moments were.

It wasn't an easy job, but you whittled it down to these top ten scenes:

10. When Dougal strikes a friendship with Father Damo:

9. When Ted and Dougal are playing charades:

8. When Dougal does the last rites:

7. "God, I love being a priest":

6. Dougal meeting Sister Assumpta:

5. When Dougal explains The Beast:

4. Dougal introduces us to Spider-Baby:

3: When Dougal is told not to mention Bishop Len Brennan’s son:

2. When Dougal becomes a Milkman:

1. And the winner is...

Small ... or far away?

Happy Birthday Ardal!