What an absolute mare!

You know those moments you have where you want the ground to swallow you whole? Immediately. Like right now!? Well this is a prime example from racing presenter Derek Thompson. 

Thompson, or 'Tommo' as he goes by, is one of the most recognisable voices and faces in horse racing, and yesterday, he made a fantastic mistake. 

Presenting At The Races, Tommo crossed live to his colleague Robert Cooper who was hoping to do a link from a racecourse somewhere in the UK. But things didn't go to plan:

*cut to horses

I have watched this at least 100 times so far this morning and plan on returning to it loads over the Christmas. "It's a man actually Derek" - unreal!!

Tommo will wait for starter's orders next time. 

Big shout out to our own racing (and all things sporty) expert Paul Collins for sending this our way. A lovely lil pressie.

Derek's always good for a laugh. Here he is back in 2012 with a bizarre promo video for his beloved The Crown Hotel in Bawtry. 

"Are ya well?":

We'd love a night out with Tommo.