Alan could have a new business on his hands

This is how you turn your patio into a pati-OH!!!

Every Monday on The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show, we ask our listeners for their 'Weekend Headlines', where they tell us all about their birthday parties, stags, hens, scoring the winning goal in a game, heading off on a lovers retreat etc.

This morning, we were sent in this picture from Alan O'Mahoney in Cork:

You often see pallets lying around the place, forlorn and needing some love. Well Alan got his hands on some of this lonely timber and after seeing something similar being made online last year, he decided now was the time to put his carpentry skills into use. 

As a result, he now has some highly practical, and God damn sexy looking, pieces of weatherproof garden furniture featuring some built-in flower beds and lighting. A worthy Weekend Headline.

Upcycling level: Jedi

A couple of cushions and you're in the lap of luxury! I'm off out to get me some pallets....

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