Spoiler: It's a lot

Vogue Williams: My Sponsored Life is on Wednesday and you may or may not be surprised to know that she has an account on a website for famous influencers from which she can order products from various brands - without having to pay for them.

She has 83,000 followers on Twitter and 346,000 on Instagram, which makes her invaluable to brands eager to push their products to her followers. She explains:

“Companies send me gifts in the hopes I will post about them.  I get a lot of free trips away.”

And yet, she says she hates being described as an “influencer”. Hmm.

 Vogue Williams: My Sponsored Life is on Wednesday, RTE2 9.30pm


Ed Sheeran has had to step up his security at home after it was revealed that people had been using his garden to carry out lewd acts. In front of other people who wanted to watch said lewd acts. They bragged about it online after and it was brought to a horrified Ed’s attention.


Marco Pierre White has banned Michelin from rating his restaurants. He gave back his 3 Michelin stars back in 1999, saying they mean nothing to him.

I don’t need them and they don’t need me. And the clincher: They sell tyres, I sell food.