A comprehensive list of all the no-nos

It is often described as 'the best day of your life,' but as life has taught us over the years, things don't always go as expected on your wedding day.

A new survey has revealed the top wedding faux pas committed on 'the Big Day';

'Getting in the photographer’s way, asking to bring a plus one and texting the couple on the morning of the wedding to ask the time of the ceremony are the most common no-nos for wedding guests. Turning up late and posting to social media without the couple’s consent are among the others'

So this got The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show team thinking, 'what else gets on people's nerves throughout a wedding day?'. And what better way to get some answers then by asking our knowledgeable listeners for their suggestions. 

They had lots of them:

If you are a bride or groom, do not return a gift to the giver and then ask for the money equivalent of that gift.

If you are the florist for a wedding, make sure you know the correct address of the church!

Do not ask the bride the day before the wedding “is there a mini bus to bring us out to the wedding”

If you own a B&B or hotel, maybe don’t ring the bride the day before her wedding asking how many people are staying in the room that night!

Do not bring a big ipad to take pictures!

Don’t just not show up to the wedding and not tell the bride or groom!

When the bride and groom are walking down the aisle out of the church, maybe let the professional photographer do his bit and keep the selfies till the wedding couple are outside!

Do not tread all over the bride’s dress when standing for the professional photos!

Do not wear white to the wedding if you are not the bride – (that comes from a couldn’t care less Niamh!)

We also got a couple of stories from people's personal experiences:

My bridesmaid insisted on a size 12 dress (she was a 14) when dress was purchased but was planning to lose weight, wedding rolled around she actually put on weight and 2 weeks before the wedding. Had to buy a size 14 dress and it was bet onto her! A joke of a bridesmaid! 

I was invited to a wedding and invite said Dress code: No dresses from Coast or Oasis please. PS: Bridesmaids did NOT wear Coast, so it wasn’t about accidentally looking like the bridesmaid...it was pure snobbery!

So what have we missed out on? Maybe you had a complete horror show at your wedding or went to one that was a total disaster? 

We're looking to educate wedding goers (regulars and first-timers) on the correct etiquette to ensure they don't make a fool of themselves.

All advice is welcome as it could turn out to be the best wedding present of them all.