Come on, get thinking....

Everybody has a milestone music moment, a soundtrack for a particular moment in your life. Perhaps, it was hit that was huge when you backpacked around New Zealand or a song that your Dad blared out in the car on the way down to the mobile home in Wexford. It might have been the tune that was playing in the background when the lad you’d fancied for ages chatted you up.

Maybe it was your first dance or an anthem that transports you right back to your first summer job. It doesn’t have to be ground-breaking; it’s just something that’s important to you.


If you need inspiration, we’ve all taken a trip down and memory lane and here are our milestone music moments.

Ian: ‘What A Wonderful World’ by Louis Armstrong always reminds me of my wedding day and to this day, I still love the song.

Mario: When my wife and I first started dating, ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis followed us around! It was playing in every bar and every restaurant we went to.

Charlie: My milestone music song is by The Coral and it always reminds me of my first concert. ‘Dreaming Of You’ transports me right back to that gig.

Shauna: I will always have really happy memories of the summer I was 17. The weather was great, I spent a lot of time in a beer garden (drinking lemonade of course), I had a few euro in my bank account and I was totally ‘in love’. ‘Big Sur’ by The Thrills will forever bring me back to those days.

Stewart: Without a doubt, it has to be ‘Death’ by White Lies. It just reminds me of having an absolute ball at Oxegen festival.

Now that we’ve shared ours with you, we want yours. Start your journey down memory lane and email us on with your special stories!