Our listeners came up with some great ideas that we'd definitely binge on...

Ireland has pumped out some spectacular tunes over the years and for a nation consisting of less than 5 million people, we've made a huge mark on the world music scene.

But what if some of these songs were developed into TV shows?

Iano had an epiphany this morning after reading the story about American rock band The Plain White T’s getting their hit 'Hey There Delilah' adapted into a scripted television series.

The band is transforming the song into a romantic comedy about a long-distance relationship. Described as a “contemporary fairy tale”, the show will reportedly expand the song’s story of a struggling musician promising his long-distance partner that once she graduates school, they’ll be together.

It's the brainchild of the band's frontman, Tom Higgenson, and it's a pretty cool concept. Imagine bringing a well known song to life? 

So this morning on The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show, we were wondering whether there were any Irish songs that could become the next big hit on the small screen? They could relate to the lyrics of the track or perhaps simply just the title of a well known Irish song. And you could even make up the plot yourself. 

Here's what our listeners came up with...

Joxer goes to Stuttgart! Richie, Diarmuid & a few others.

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For - crime drama where the lead character doesn’t manage to solve crimes because he still hasn’t found what he’s looking for. Lynne

Hi there Ian, what about Rocky Took a Lover by Bell X1. It’s certainly got everything going for it. Regards, Owen in Brussels

'Star Star' from the frames would make a good TV show - boy meets girl who makes him shine in an otherwise humdrum world. Cormac in Drogheda.

Hi Ian, Where The Streets Have No Name a series where postman pat has an eternal struggle to deliver his van of mail. Mike

'The Rocky Road To Dublin' Sylvester Stallone's "Rocky" makes his way to Dublin, stopping off along the way and to fight top boxers from each town, with the Epic finally of him getting knocked out by Damien Dempsey. Alan

I'd be glued to any of them, but what do you think? Could you see any of these being snapped-up by Netflix/HBO/Amazon, or do you have some better suggestions? 

Breakfast Show producer Charlie Halligan reckons there could be something in U2's Sometimes You Can't Make It On your Own - a reality show where Irish celebrity chefs call round to help hopeless home cooks on their meal making quests. 

Whereas I think the likes of TV3 could be on to a ratings winner with a series called Flying Without Wings (Westlife) - the latest celeb challenge where well-known faces battle it out in a skydiving challenge. 

We're going to do a vote and the best suggestion gets a 7-figure deal with TG4.

*T&Cs - there is no deal wit TG4. That was lies*

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