With a new presenter!

Jeremy Clarkson is to be the new host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? when the game show returns later this year.

The programme, originally presented by Chris Tarrant, is returning for seven new episodes - in honour of its 20th anniversary.

The Grand Tour presenter says he's always loved the show and is thrilled to be involved with its rebirth.


The Sopranos creator David Chase is to revive the hit crime drama series with a new prequel movie.

The director has written The Many Saints Of Newark which is about riots in the 1960s.

It's understood to feature a number of The Sopranos' characters, including Tony Soprano's father and a younger version of his wife Livia.


Sid Owen was reportedly kicked off a flight from Dubai yesterday, for arguing with a passenger over his reclined seat.

He claimed the flight-goer sat in front of him slapped him, when Sid complained about the seat infringing in his space.

Sources claim both parties refused to move to different seats and were subsequently removed from the plane, after their feud delayed take-off by an hour.