Let's face it lads, X Factor has been taking a hammering in the ratings over the past few years. 

In a bid to claw back viewers from the likes of Strictly, Simon Cowell and his producers have created a new 'Golden X' button, which comes into play during the Six Chair Challenge stage of the competition. 

Instead of sweating it out as contestants are swapped around, if a judge really wants one of their acts to make it to 'Judges' Houses', they simply hit the 'Golden X' and hey presto, they're straight through. 

This should add a bit of theatrics, but could also take away from the nail-biting Six Chair format. Only time will tell I suppose.

Filming for the Six Chair Challenge started yesterday at Wembley's SSE Arena, London, where Robbie Williams is over the groups, Ayda Field mentors the Over 30's, Simon has the girls and Louis Tomlinson is looking after the boys. 

McGregor vs McGregor

Nope, it isn't Conor vs Tony McGregor, it's a bigger scrap than that.

Next week, Conor McGregor is to face off against long-established Netherlands-based 'McGregor' fashion house over copyright infringements. 

After signing a high-profile deal with the UFC, Reebok might be banned from selling Conor's lucrative clothing line in Europe. 

They sell his signature hoodies, sports shirts and shorts with the name McGregor emblazoned across them. They also have the name 'Conor' on them, but it's in a smaller print, which is the reason the Dutch company are suing. 

Conor is currently involved in 14 separate applications for rights. He sure does love a challenge!

Carol Vorderman gets ID'd in M&S

On Tuesday evening, a sales assistant in Carol's local Marks & Spencers reeled in the years for the ex-Countdown mathematician. 

The 57-year-old popped into the store for a bottle of vino and to her surprise (and absolute joy), was asked to prove she was the legal age.

One of M&S's policies is to check customers who look under 25. 

She'll take that any day of the week!!

We're just wondering if when buying the wine she asked for "one from the top and 5 from anywhere else"?

The botox and clean living are obviously paying of Carol!

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