"I wanted to make women feel less embarrassment and shame"

Irish businesswoman Nicola Dames's story is an inspirational one.

The Dubliner was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a debilitating bowel disease, in 2001 aged 25. She underwent surgery to remove her colon and now wears a bag, which she says has made a huge difference: "It gave me back a major quality of life that I had lost."

Nicola turned this experience into a successful business idea by setting up Vanilla Blush, a specialist underwear store which provides products for people who have suffered from similar medical conditions to hers.

As a trained intensive care nurse, Nicola is well used to helping people, and Vanilla Blush is another way for her to do that. Her aim, she says, is to restore women's dignity and "make them feel less embarrassment and shame." Her range of underwear is not only functional, but makes people feel confident and comfortable again.

Nicola launched her business on ITV's 'This Morning' back in 2008 and it has gone from strength to strength, with customers contacting her about the positive impact her products have made on their lives.

Listen to Nicola's full interview with Matt below: