If these Irish workers can do it, then you can take the leap too

Are you sitting at your desk today thinking ‘what on EARTH am I doing here?’

Maybe you feel that you just fell into your career, or maybe that you’ve fallen out of love with the job you’ve always had but that you’re stuck in it until you can retire to somewhere sunny.

What if you just took the leap, quit your job and went searching for a job that gives you the warm and fuzzies?

This week on The Last Word, we met people who did just that.

In a special series, ‘Occupation Transformation’, we met Today FM listeners from all around Ireland who quit the day job and ended up in something completely different plus the experts who can tell you why you hate your job and how you can get out of it.

Jeananne Fennelly went from being a stressed out HR manager who suffered a heart attack at 36 to a happy, and healthy, dog walker while Seamus Walsh went from being a sparkless electrician to training as a mind coach.

You can also chop and change careers while still in college, Amy Molloy went from a trainee P.E teacher to a bored lawyer to a happy and successful journalist. She was joined by David Nelson who went from teaching to quantity surveying and Mark O’Doherty who got bored of selling people things they didn’t want in advertising to a fulfilling career in charity work.

Most importantly, it’s never too late to change gears. Owen Mullins found himself working in transport for 26 years after picking it up as a young ‘un…now he runs his own cookhouse. While Kenny Rorie followed his wife into a successful culinary business after quitting his role in engineering.

Why not follow these legends lead and change your job…it could change your life.