Donuts are the latest food craze to hit Dublin

Donuts are the latest food craze to hit Dublin. Everywhere you go, you're almost guaranteed to spot a donut shop. But what is about these treats that we love so much?

Brian O'Casey, owner of Offbeat Donuts, told us why he decided to go into this business: "I spent 25 years working in the corporate world. I'd reached the age of 50 and decided if I didn't open a business of my own, I might never do it."

"I was looking at the market and I felt donuts were going to be the new trend. There was a gap in the market for freshly baked, premium quality donuts that were more dessert-like."

When it came to selecting flavours, Brian looked at the most popular desserts among Irish people, which included things like crème brûlée, apple crumble and chocolate ganache. These are the kind of donuts you can expect to find in his outlets.

"It's about staying relevant," he said. "We're always thinking, what type of desserts do consumers want?"

But why does he think donuts are so appealing to people?

"We all need a treat every now and again. I think of donuts more as a coffee than a food item. Coffee is the moment of respite where we switch off, we're looking for a little boost or reward. Donuts are the same thing."

Russell Alford and Patrick Hanlon from also joined us to explain a bit more about Dublin's donut craze.

"We've spent the past few years in London where this trend has taken off, and we predicted it would come over here as well," said Patrick. "Any trends that do come over are tweaked for the Irish market and they usually last."

Russell added, "If you have an office party or a birthday, the cupcakes and donuts will always come in."

They feel that the perfect donut has to have "amazing flavour, it has to be fluffy, and it has to make you happy. In this Instagram world, it has to look great as well."

The fact that donuts are not the healthiest of foods doesn't seem to matter at all.

"Everything that's delicious is always bad for you, so you might as well treat yourself once in a blue moon."