"I might never come back, and he'd love that"

Kathy Griffin has revealed that she would consider applying for an Irish passport to get away from Donald Trump.

The comedian, who is set to play Vicar Street in Dublin in November, was speaking to Matt Cooper about the hugely controversial photoshoot which got her sacked from CNN, in which she brandished a blood-covered prop head of Trump - someone it's fair to say she's not very fond of.

"I think I might be eligible for an Irish passport," she said. "Dual citizenship could come in very handy for me."

"I'm looking forward to this tour so much I might never come back, and he'd love that. Frankly it wouldn't surprise me if he pulled some more shenanigans when I was trying to get back in - that's how petty and insane he is."

Listen to the full interview with Kathy below: