The broadcaster has apologised for comments made about rape victims

George Hook has apologised for comments made on his radio show about rape victims, which have seen him accused of victim blaming.

Has his apology gone far enough?

Orla O'Connor, director of the National Women's Council, said, "We welcomed the apology, but this isn't the first time."

"There have been previous comments by George Hook and previous apologies, but here we are again. We believe disciplinary action should be taken."

Lise Hand, columnist with the Times Ireland edition, added that Hook's comments "feed into the very dangerous culture whereby the message being sent out is 'don't get raped' when the message should be 'don't rape.'"

"When you're a broadcaster you have a certain responsibility to choose your words with care. There's a huge difference between being a controversialist or a contrarian and expressing opinions that are inflammatory and ignorant. I was appalled that he was allowed on his show today."