Are fairy forts to blame for the state of our roads?

Danny Healy-Rae has claimed that a dip in the N22 road in Kerry was caused by fairy forts.

Fairies have been part of Irish folklore for a long time, with people believing that upsetting their forts brings bad luck.

But why do so many still swear by this, even when experts have proven that fairy forts were actually human settlements?

Louise Bruton admits she has had a fear of fairies since she was a young child, "having spent almost every summer out in the middle of the Burren in Co. Clare, where the fairy folklore is very strong."

"It helps to keep bold children in reign. For anything that could possibly go wrong the fairies are there to trap you."

"If you know the rules that are in place, all you have to do is follow them and you'll stay out of trouble."

Storyteller and seanchaí Eddie Lenihan explains more: "People regard them as fairy forts, which shows that even though archaeologists might prove they were real dwellings, people still do believe that they belong to the fairies."

"I always keep my mind open to things like that because I've heard too many stories of things that have happened. We all have bad luck but why make it worse for yourself? When coincidences happen again and again in the same place, that's more than coincidence."