Hear Tracks From The Album All Week

Paul McLoone's pick for #ClassicAlbumOfTheWeek is R.E.M's Automatic For The People.

Released at the dawn of the 90s, R.E.M's iconic album just turned 25. With tracks like Everybody Hurts and Man On The Moon, the band's 8th album went on to sell 18 million records and peaked at number 2 in the US albums charts.

Off the back of their success with previous releases like Losing My Religion and Shiny Happy People, when R.E.M went to record Automatic For The People they had full creative control - to which they swung sad and reflective.

Despite common belief, the album name is not a sarcastic quip on R.E.M's position in the mainstream. The band actually named the album after the slogan from one of their favourite restaurants - Weaver D's Delicious Fine Foods.

Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones features with string arrangements on four tracks, including Everybody Hurts. The video for which was directed by Ridley Scott's son Jake.

Paul will be playing tracks from the album across the week so tune in from 9pm to catch them.

And for the 25th anniversary, R.E.M have reissued Automatic For The People as a remastered 4 disc deluxe boxset with demo tracks, DVD, live recordings and a 40 page book.

You can win the boxset on Thursday's show with chances to win copies of the album each night on the show.

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