Sophie Cook, formerly known as Steve is a photographer for AFC Bournemouth.

She is the first transgender woman to work in the Premier League and has been welcomed and accepted by both the players and management at the club.

The 48 year began her transition in July 2015, which involved taking female hormones and receiving hair extensions.

Prior to this Sophie suffered from serious depression and believed that she was "trapped in the wrong body".

She previously weighed twenty-three stone and described her eating habits as a form of self harm.

Since the change Sophie has lost over five stone, competed in a number of half marathons and taken on an Aloe Vera based diet to improve her health.

Sophie told Neil Delamere that she was "terrified" before revealing her new self to the team at Bournemouth and had been warned by friends that she could receive a negative reaction.

When the time came to return to work the photographer first met with team manager Eddie Howe and Chairman Jeff Mosytn.

When the management later re-introduced the team to Sophie during a training session, the captain started clapping and the other players followed suit to show their support.

Ms Cook stated that the support from the team has been "amazing" and that she is "so happy" compared to her previous life.

She is now touring the UK giving talks about how to conquer fear and accept your true self.