Is your website beating, meeting or behind the industry average?

TeamSBS regular Alan Coleman, CEO of Wolfgang Digital returned to The Sunday Business Show this weekend to give listeners some key digital insights for benchmarking your website.

Alan's advice came from the detailed Wolfgang Digital's E-commerce Benchmark KPI study.

The study analysed 143 million website sessions and €447 million in online revenues, the study gave e-commerce marketers essential insights to help benchmark their business’s online performance and understand what drives clicks and purchases.

The multi-award winning digital marketing agency crunched the numbers across dozens of retail and travel websites to provide industry average metrics, uniquely examining the correlations between these to offer the following key takeaways:

  1. Google remains the key driver,but ‘dark traffic’ is on the rise.
  2. Sticky websites sell more.
  3. Customer purchase journeys are growing longer.
  4. Mobile is a money making machine.
  5. Desktop delivers the dosh.
  6. Speed matters.
  7. The value of the loyal online shopper.
  8. Tablet shoppers love a bit luxury.
  9. Email pays dividends.
  10. Bing for a quick win.
  11. The power of Pinterest.
  12. Don’t shop if you’re hungry.

Find out more about some of these findings by listening back to the podcast below.

The E-commerce KPI Benchmark report is now also available to download on the Wolfgang Blog via the following link: