Should any CEO of a Quoted company take home a £70 million pay cheque?

Aidan Donnelly from Davy stockbrokers joined Conall to discuss the business behind WPP, and that £70 million pay cheque for CEO Martin Sorell!

If you don`t recognise WPP, you may know some of the 411 group companies such as Ogilvy, J.Walter Thompson and Cantor. It employs over 200,000 people and the CEO was paid £200 million sterling over the past 5 years!

Aidan Donnelly say this type of paypacket for some CEOs would not be unheard of, you would see similar paypackets in the US, and he says to "Don`t hate the player, hate the game!".

They have a large amount of agencies under one umbrella. He notes the company operates quite a de-centralised model which works quite well for the business overall. He also says that even though advertising methods have changed over the past while with Facebook and Google, there is still a need for the creative agencies and WPP have kept up with the changes in industry. Does he think they will keep going strong?

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