Ann's Survival Commandments

Founder of Stonechat Jewellers and Team SBS regular, Ann Chapman joined Conall on this week's Sunday Business Show to tell listeners what 5 years of being in business has taught her about being your own boss.

Stonechat Jewellers has gone from success to success over the past 5 years, with Ann's number of employees growing from 1 to 5. 

Her commandments for having a successful business included tips like:

  1. Build something you believe in.
  2. Make realistic estimates of your expenses.
  3. Understand the importance of marketing and learn how to do it effectively.
  4. Embrace the web.
  5. Don't expect miracles.
  6. Don’t aim for 10% improvement. Make it radically better and different.
  7. Prepare to be copied.
  8. Build up reserves of money and energy for bad luck and mistakes.
  9. Never, ever give up control -- until you sell.
  10. Figure out how to achieve your goals on a tiny budget - then cut that number in half.
  11. Take care of your family, personal and spiritual health.
  12. Build the enterprise and the brand as if you’ll own it forever.

To find out more about these top tips listen back to the podcast and check out Ann's successful jewellery business, Stonechat Jewellers via the following link: