Irish Co-Founder Kevin Glynn tells us why dog food is best when home made!

Kevin Glynn the Irish co-founder of a UK based company Butternut Box who make home made dog food and dogs in the UK are loving it! Kevin and his co-founder David Nolan left their jobs in Goldman Sachs to pursue a business that is the first of its kind in Europe.

They say that currently, most of the UK’s mass produced dog food is made up of a hodgepodge of waste products, mystery fillers and preservatives. This has led to millions of dogs in millions of households suffering due to their poor diet, completely unbeknownst to their loving owners.

They wanted to help change that, so, working alongside vet nutritionists, they created four different meals that contain just the right mix of top-notch ingredients for every single dog that enjoys their meals.

They say their mission is far from over but they are making great progress: fussy eaters are happily gobbling down meals again; naughty dogs are now calm and happy, its a dogs life!

Currently Butternut Box are just in the UK but Kevin said he would love to eventually deliver in Ireland one day and we hope they come over here too!

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