Messy eaters is a big one.
It seems that true love isn't always blind.

Well, not according to Fergal D'Arcy listeners. Here's the Top Ten things you guys cited as the biggest deal breakers in relationships.

1. People who are messy eaters are a no from me. Went on a first date and the lad managed to get most of his meal on the was a no from me. 

2. Ferg, I hate girls who 'hate' really annoys me...have they ever even tried to watch a game? If a girl tells me she 'hates' sports I'm immediately out.

3. I wouldn't be with a woman that couldn't change a tyre or service the car. I know female drivers that can service a truck! Good for the goose is good for the gander - none of the sexism crap lol

4. I hate people who sneeze really loudly...honestly it would be a deal breaker for me because I am not listening to dramatic sneezing, no thanks

5. Bad table manners definitely a deal breaker, ie putting  knife in their mouth,  chewing with mouth open, talking with mouth full ugh

6. I went with a fella who treated me like his Mammy. It was over before it started!

7. Girls who fart. Cheque please.

8. Bed Angels! Jesus, I went out with a guy who slept like a jumping jack! It lasted 6 months he refused to change. I left. 

9. The Paranoid Android phone checker! If you don't have trust forget it!

10. Sense of humour Ferg. I went with a gorgeous lad but he was dead inside with jokes and unless we were in bed communication was zilch!