‪Níos Aclaí Níos Sona‬

It's a hard name to ignore, Tradiohead.

Surfing the infinite wake of Thom Yorke & Co. can't be easy - jumping ship, giving all your booty away for free & navigating the dark, dangerous seas of Spotify!



It would be difficult enough actually being Radiohead and having to play your own music - the complexity of songs such as Paranoid Android, the aching lament of Karma Police and the sheer weight of the recent King of Limbs would crush any lesser mortals into a powder.

No Surprises

No Surprises then to find a group of guys re-imagining the apex of modern post rock angst within the context of traditional music - that is Tradiohead - Jimi McDonnell on vocals, Philip Fogarty on accordion and bodhrán, Pat Hargan on guitar and Michael Chang on violin, viola and mandolin.


Busting out the melancholy singalong classic such as Idioteque, 15 Step and Airbag Tradiohead will be embarking on a series of dates over the next month beginning in Cork and making their way via Galway to Whelan's in Dublin! Have they pulled all their music off Spotify too?

Tradiohead Live Dates

Thursday 22nd August 2013: Cyprus Avenue, Cork

Friday 23rd August 2013: De Barra's, Clonakilty, Cork

Friday 30th August 2013: Kelly's (Upstairs), Galway

Thursday 12th September 2013: Whelan's, Dublin



Here are the authentic Oxford mumblers if you feel that this is nothing short of blasphemy!