Without a doubt, some of television's most iconic characters have come out of Ireland.

We're the masters of comedy, never afraid to make an absolute arse out of ourselves to entertain an audience. 

Dermot & Dave asked YOU who your favourite Irish TV character was and you voted in your hundreds! 

5. John & Mary from Father Ted

4. Miley Byrne from Glenroe

 3. Fran from Love/Hate

2. Make & Do Mary

And the number one most loved character(s) on Irish TV is...


Of course they were! 

The lads were on the phone to tell us just what the title means to them!

Here are some of your other choices:

Johnny is a fan of Fr Fintan Stack!

We even had an interesting theory about Zig & Zag from Budgie on Snapchat...

And Jennifer Hamilton has paid the ultimate tribute to Dermot Morgan's portrayal of Fr Ted Crilly.