They are the the events that shape your future social life.

It was the highlight of your diary and meant one thing...SWEETS!

Oh, and celebrating someone's birthday...BOUNCY CASTLE!!!

And there was always some kind of accident.


Here are the 10 Things Guaranteed To Happen At An Irish Birthday Party according to the magnificent Fergal D'Arcy Show listeners:


Always some little ****** that says, "I have the newer version of that", just after you give present.


That one kid who ate WAY too much sugar and went totally hyper and then crashed and had a complete meltdown...


I always remember the night after parties feeling so ill from all the food.


Every single party I went to as a kid had Colin the Caterpillar cakes from M&S.....long live Colin.  


The best parties involved bouncy castles....the worst involved fun learning games organised by parents!


Tearing into the party bag in the car on the way home so my parents couldn't tell me to put it away....


Those bloody pass the parcel games that went on annoying.


It wasn’t Coca Cola it was country spring πŸ˜‚ those massive 3lt bottles!


Blind man's bluff!


Your Mam insists you wear your Sunday best when you turn up everyone is Batman.