Tad Awkward

Lets face it, we have all been there. You see a person and you think they are someone else, it happens! 

But usually it happens with that friend of a friend you met on a night out three years ago, or someone who is only an acquaintance.

And here's the proof, some of our Listeners today shared their hilarious moments of mistaken identity:

"I was out having lunch with my mam one day when the waitress asked was she my grandmother. I said no that’s my mother then the witness stared at my mother and said ‘how old were you when you had her?’ I’m 40, my mother is 83 the waitress thought I was 17. My mother was not impressed. "


"Me next door neighbour Kay is a lovely older lady who called me Kevin about 3 and a half years ago. I told her my name was Jamie. She's been calling me Gary ever since.. lovely lady." 


However, if your 101-years-old I think it's OK to mistake a few faces here and there, and the most recent person to be mistaken for a different woman was German Chancellor Angela Merkel. 

The pensioner came face to face with the president of France and who she thought was his wife, during the armistice centenary commemoration at Compiègne.

Paulette Monier shook the presidents hand and in a very touching moment expressed her overwhelming delight to meet him. 

"Monsieur Macron! That is not possible! A little woman like me shaking hands with the President of the Republic. That's fantastic!”

She then turned her attention to Merkel, smiled and asked, "You are Madame Macron!"

The awkward moment prompted Merkel to say  "No, I am the Chancellor of Germany", several times.

We are not quite sure if the woman still knew who she was, but she was happy either way!