Including credit cards and car parks

It's the year 2028 and the Barack Obama Plaza is nothing but ruins...

That's according to futurist, Michael McQueen, who told The Daily Mail that time is running out for some of our everyday items.

Here are the five everyday things he predicts will become extinct and why:

1. Car Parks

No need to stress about reversing into a tight space again. Michael believes the self-driving age will see the end of our car parks. He says the self-driving vehicles will be able to drop you off and head off on another journey instead, thus expelling the need to park at all.


2. Credit Cards

No more debt (sort of)! Michael reckons new technologies like Apple Pay will render credit cards useless. while financial services like Square have developed new technology that can identify your face once you enter a store. Snazzy.

3. iTunes

Michael has predicted that the rise of streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music mean the iTunes platform will no longer exist in 2028.

4. Call Centres

We'll all be speaking to bots about our car insurance quotes. That's according to Michael who thinks chatbots will be responsible for 85% of customer service interactions by 2020.

5. Service Stations

The Barack Obama Plaza will be no more. That's if Michael's predictions come true. He thinks they'll no longer be around because many people are switching to electric cars. But where will we run in for a pack of Meanies?