No, not THAT kind!

We are talking about the one on the left, not on the right.

According to the CSPCA (Cork Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) a number of sightings have been reported to them about a large cat that looks like a labrador but with a long tail.

The large animal has been spotted in Fountainstown, Crosshaven and Togher.

According to the, Vincent Cashman of the CSPCA told RTE that, ""It sounds very far fetched but it's not impossible and the reports that we've received from landowners and people are credible and worthy of further investigation."

"We are pinning sightings on maps and working out where it moves to... in the wild, a puma or a cougar would travel in an area of 300 square miles."

Members of the public have been told to be advised not to go looking for the mountain cat and obviously not to approach if they spot something.

So, first off don't try to use it to help with your driving:

And if there's a dodgy looking big cat in your area get on the blower and DO NOT APPROACH!