Thug life lizard.

Prank calls were a huge part of our childhoods. The buzz you'd get off calling your crush and giggling down the phone was life changing. It seems a tiny gecko in Hawaii missed these simpler times and wanted to experience the pure elation of the 90s. 

Dr Claire Simeone of Ke Kai Ola Marine Mammal Center in Hawaii was enjoying her lunch break when she got a string of calls from her office. When she answered there was no reply, which worried her. Fearing a marine emergency, she raced back to the office to see what disaster was unfolding.

To her surprise, she arrived to a totally calm office. She asked her colleagues what the emergency was and why they had been calling her and to her surprise they said they hadn't been calling her. They did however say they had received a number of calls from people saying they had missed calls from the Ke Kai Ola Marine Mammal Center. 

Dr. Simeone decided to investigate the matter and contacted their telephone provider but to no avail. They suggested it may have been an issue with one of the connection cables and to go and check everything was connected.

After checking all the cables in the office she decided to check the labs. Low and behold - she found the reason for all the prank phonecalls. A tiny gecko was resting on the touchscreen of the phone and had been calling everyone in their recent calls list.

Apparently, he was in the middle of a phone call when she walked in. She really should have knocked first.

We knew this guy was trouble from the gecko...