*shakes fist

Hurling is much more then a past time in Ireland, it runs in our blood.

Hurling has given us some of the most spectacular sporting moments history and it is also responsible for some of most iconic local sayings, such as "pull hard".

However, did you know that a US team holds the title for the only Olympic hurling victory to date?

In 1904, during the St Louis Olympic Games, Basketball, Hurling, American Football and Baseball were all featured as demonstration sports, which are played in a promotional capacity.

This hurling exhibition match was held on July 20, 1904 between Fenian Football Club (Chicago) USA and Innisfails (St. Louis) USA.

The Chicago team emerged as the victorious side back, and because there has been no hurling action at the Olympic Games since, they remain the only team in history who can claim Olympic victory for Hurling.

That stings a little bit actually...