Piggy Smalls is the best name ever.

Ariana Grande revealed her new song 'Breathing' in an unusual manner that had some fans getting their knickers in a twist.

The superstar singer clearly has a sense of humour so she posted a video of her Teacup Pig, 'Piggy Smalls' (hamazing name) doing a sniffle shuffle on a faux-fur duvet cover on the bed.

Confusion reigned with some fans:

See for yourself. It's at over 1.5 million views already.

We think it's fantastic and well under budget.

And as some people have pointed out the real reason for Piggy Smalls featuring so heavily is that he has been a companion to help her through a pretty horrific year where she's had to deal among other things with her former partner Mac Miller's suicide.

We HEART Piggy Smalls.

That'll do Piggy...that'll do.

Everyone was also making the same joke:


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They're both clearly dedicated to the little fella.

Pete even got himself inked. 

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Thanks Pete 🐷🐻🎈

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