Nobody likes to lose a dog, it's a tough time and it's hard to think that any other dog could replace your furry friend. 

Well Barbra Streisand has the answer, just make another one! 

It's hard to imagine what the neighbours would say if you told them you had cloned your dog, but I suppose if your Barbra Streisand who cares right?

The singer appeared on american chat show Lorraine this morning to chat about the release of her new music, but of course the question of cloning was brought up. 

Streisand revealed that cells were taken from the mouth and stomach of her Coton de Tulear named Sammi to create her two new pups Miss Scarlett and Miss Violet. 

However, she did admit that is impossible to clone the soul of Sammi, and that Scarlett and Violet do have very different traits. 

Speaking on the show she said, "One of them is very sweet and kind of shy, more like Sammie, but also feisty. The other one is like a monkey, she jumps up on couches, and down and under tables. I think she has a little monkey gene in her."

Would you clone your dog? We are not too sure about this one!

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Miss Scarlet, Miss Violet & Miss Fanny. 🐶 🐾 #nationaldogday

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