Mince pies, Christmas pudding, Danish shortbread, sixteen Mikados, maybe a half a tin of Roses and a top layer of USA biscuits.

These are just some of the traditional Irish treats The Fergal D'Arcy show will be attempting to consume but what about the rest of the globe?

How will they be achieving peak festive obesity?

To answer your important questions  (I didn't ask...you did) 

This is what people from around the world will be craving on Christmas Day.

Musketkransen - The Netherlands

We call them hundreds and thousands. The Dutch call them Musketkransen. It's fondant wreaths covered in chocolate and H&T and WE ARE IN! Take my money already!


Makówka is what you'll be handed in Poland on Christmas Eve. It's a poppy seed bread pudding sweet dessert that can be served in different ways, in a bowl, sliced like a cake or like a swiss roll below:

Next up España- Turrón

It's made of honey, sugar, and egg white, with toasted almonds or other nuts thrown together in a nougat style slab!


Bulgaria next and this sticky spiral treat is called 'Tikvenik' –

Nordics next. In Norway they'll be milling into Krumkake:

And in Denmark after dinner they'll be milling into Risalamande 

It's rice pudding with fruit plonked on top. What a treat.