The costs of a confirmation are spiralling

Confirmation season is just around the corner and for parents it can be an exceptionally expensive time.

Getting your child suited and booted and looking their very best for their big day can cost a pretty penny, but it doesn't stop at the outfit, there are heaps of hidden costs thrown in as well, some of which have been making Muireann's head spin.

So we are looking for confirmation on whether or not confirmations have become far too over the top.

Are Confirmations/Communions turning into mini weddings? Lucy works in a salon and says she is getting requests to shellac as young as 7 or 8!

It's a hot topic and Muireann got a massive response. Here's a taste:

Anne in Buncrana says she has a daughter making her confirmation in April, 'No hair trial, no makeup, no party. We are breaking all rules and letting her 15 year old sister be the sponsor -the meal will just be the four of us that evening. No sweat / what is all the fuss about??'

Eimear says, 'When my brother was making his confirmation, my Dad offered to take him for a haircut. The kid was left with barely a blade and had a tan line from where his fringe was. It’s one of my favourite things.'

While someone who works in a salon says they've done spray tans and shellac, eyebrow wax tint and eyelash tint on girls in communion and confirmation years.

This, however, may be the most extra confirmation demand we've heard of, 'Muireann, my nephew insisted on a Gucci belt to go with his pants. Nothing else just a Gucci one! So, I got him a fake one. He doesn’t know the difference.'

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