They didn't know who they were!

Caitriona and her sisters had some unexpected guests at their Hen this weekend and were like Jon Snow, "They knew NOTHING!" about their special guests!

Their original Hen was cancelled due to the snow so they had a surprise one on Saturday to tie-in with Ireland's game against Scotland. 

Caitriona, Cliodhna and Mammy O'Riordan trained up from Cork to surprise Michelle in Keogh's pub off Grafton St. 

They had a wee party going in the snug and were joined by Davos Seaworth and Maisie Williams. Unfortunately, none in the Hen knew who they were!

They still had an awesome night and Caitriona told Muireann that they were both really sound.


If you can't see the pics on Twitter here they are:

There's Mammy O'Riordan photobombing!