"You're in Slytherin, ye langer!"

If you're a fan of the world's most famous bespectacled little wizard then this is for you.

"Oh, you may not think I’m pretty,

But don’t judge on what you see,

I’ll eat myself if you can find

A smarter hat than me."

Here's the deal:

"Curious to know if you’re a daring Gryffindor, a patient Hufflepuff, a wise Ravenclaw or perhaps your real friends are among the cunning Slytherins. Come to our great hall on 20th September in the Aula Maxima 12-4pm to find out! Tickets for the Yule Ball will also be on sale at the event! €35 for fulls tickets and €20 for afters :)"

It's all to do with The UCC Harry Potter Society.

The 'Aula Maxima' in the University even has a bang of the Great Hall in Hogwarts off it so it's a perfect hat match!

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