We could be left without our beloved crisps soon enough!

We are renowned for our love of the humble potato all over the world.

But in a dramatic turn of events we could be left without our beloved spuds.

A combination of 'The Beast From the East' earlier in the year and the current summer heatwave has potato farmers worried that there will be a crisp crisis.

According to The Sun, farmers in the UK were unable to farm their land for a three week period - which means that if the current hot weather continues there could be a shortage in some vegetables, including potatoes. Say it ain't so!

While the nice weather is all well and good, we're not willing to give up our favourite snack for a few days of sun.

Anyone up for a rainmaking ritual?

In the meantime we suggest you stock up on what us Irish consider to be the salt (and vinegar) of the earth.