Is he even Irish?

Stop. The. Lights. 

Dave Moore revealed on air today that he has never eaten a boiled potato.


An incredulous Dermot Whelan nearly fell off his chair when Dave delivered the news and within minutes listeners began sending in their go-to boiled potato recipes along with massive amounts of stick directed at Dave.

Brian in Wexford couldn't believe his ears when he heard the news, 'What the actual F Dave. How could you get to your age without ever eating a boiled spud, in it's jacket. Eat skin and all there's nothing nicer especially new potatoes in the autumn fresh out of the ground.' 

Dave was advised to try a boiled Marris Pipers potato with butter, while Katie in Waterford  told Dave to steam the potatoes in their jacket to keep nutrients in. Then peel when cooked.

Lisa in Laois recommends a small bit of hot milk added to the mashed potatoes. 

One texter told Dave to keep it simple, 'Nothing better than pealed boiled spuds with a lump of Kerry Gold, let it melt, add a bit of salt and devour it!'

But we think this text sums it up best - 'Dave you need a slap - regards Mick T.'

All we know for sure is that there will be a heap of Dermot & Dave listeners eating boiled spuds for dinner tonight.

Dave.... won't be.