Take away is a known cure of the fear

After three days of slumming it in a field eating festival food and occasionally dreaming of vegetables, Electric Picnic-ers returned home in their droves last Monday, craving the comfort of a take away.

According to Just Eat, the Monday after Electric Picnic was their busiest Monday of all time (outside of Bank Holiday Mondays) as people turned to Chinese and Indian takeaways to cure their fear.

So what were people ordering to help ease their post-festival blues?

The Monday after Electric Picnic there was a 24% increase in orders of Chinese cuisine vs the previous Monday, with a 36% increase in Spice Bag orders vs the previous Monday.

Just Eat delivery drivers be like:

There was also a 26% increase in Tikka Masala vs last Monday

Just Eat was particularly busy after 9pm when festival goers were home and in full recovery mode, with 24% more users ordering food on the site vs the equivalent day (the Monday after EP, 4th Sept) last year.