"If you have asked one of these questions and aren't a member of our family or a close friend you can go take a hike..."

When planning a wedding, the bride and groom are often inundated with questions about the big day. Well it seems one bride in the UK is fed up with everyone sticking their noses in her business. The bride-to-be took to Facebook to call out those who had been plaguing her with questions about her wedding. 

In the lengthy status, the unnamed bride vents about "people who won't even be invited" asking her ridiculous questions. She also states that "only Scottish people can wear kilts" and that "children will be invited but only selected ones". 

She finished the post by saying that she and her future husband "are the last people who need advice on how to plan and deliver and event so kindly take your 'helpful advice' and stick it up your a**!"

That wedding sounds like its going to be a barrel of laughs...