No YOU'RE crying

Christmas is a magical time, full of people exchanging gifts and sharing the love.

One man has taken the gift of giving to the next level however, by ensuring his next door neighbours will be remembering him for years to come, even after he passed away.

Owen Williams took to Twitter to share the heartwarming story of his neighbour, Ken Watson, 87, from Wales, who was very fond of Owen's daughter Cadi.

Just hours hafter Ken's death a bag filled with presents was dropped into Cadi, 14 individually wrapped gifts to be given over the next 14 years to the young girl.

Own says, 'My wife and I think it might make a nice Christmas tradition to give our daughter “a present from Ken” for the next 14 years. Issue is, we really have to open them now. Nobody wants to give a fifteen-year-old Duplo!

Owen then asked Twitter to vote on whether they should give the gifts all at once or space them out over the years, the results couldn't have been clearer:

Ken sounded like an incredible guy, and now his generosity and kind heart is known across the world.