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Passing the driving test is a journey. A journey that starts off with a naive sense of optimism before quickly descending into a ball of tears, anger and frustration.

It’s a rite of passage really and while we look back and smile right now, we would never, ever go through that struggle again.

Here are eight feelings we’ve all experienced while learning to conquer the four-wheeled beast:

1. Struggling with the biting point

You become obsessed with it. Just a little more gas … a little more … another small bit … All of a sudden, you’re revving like a mad yoke while a little old lady attempts to cross the road in front of you. Whoops!

2. Knowing the relationship with your mum/dad/significant other will never be the same 

Any idea what those handles above the passenger door are for? They’re for your mam to grab onto for dear life while you’re doing 10 miles an hour down your local road. Her nerves are just shattered.

3. The hill start 

It never concerned you before. Cars just start on a hill, right? WRONG! It’s a calculated manoeuvre that requires lots of gritted teeth and clenched fists. And God forbid you have to do it at the top of the traffic lights. Sometimes we still have nightmares of rolling back into the cars behind us. 

4. Turning right

They make it look so easy but what about all that traffic? Nobody stops to give you an inch. Maybe you should just accept your fate. Maybe you were born to stay indicating right into the supermarket car park for the rest of your life.

5. The multi-tasking

How come nobody ever told us about the multi-tasking? You’ve three pedals but just two feet and don’t get us started on the indicating, the changing gears, the lights, the wipers, the mirrors and keeping your hands at the 10 to 2 position – or is it a quarter to 3? Aaagh!!

6. Stalling

You used to laugh at your older brother when he stalled the car back in the day. What an idiot. Now the car is jerking back and forth as you struggle to move down the gears. And just when ya think you have it nailed? KERRCCCHHUUUKKK!

7. Learning off all the road signs

A bunch of symbols that you’ve never laid eyes on before despite the fact you’ve been travelling the back roads since you were a nipper. Why on earth would you ever need to know the sign for a stray cow? You’ll never need that, surely? It was much simpler pretending to drive when you were a kid.

8. The sheer joy when you’ve passed

You’ve done it! It’s over! And it feels so, so good. are including free wipers with Audi Major Services until April 30th. There’s also a chance to win a place on an Audi brand experience trip to IngolstadtGermany. To learn more, visit