This news comes as an early Christmas present to those who loved the iconic sitcom.

You may have heard that a Father Ted musical was on the horizon but now it’s time to really get excited.  

While speaking on Mario’s Sunday Roast, ‘Father Ted’ co-creator and comedy writer, Arthur Mathews, confirmed that a first draft script for ‘Pope Ted’ has been written and that “most of the music is done”.

*Gets ready to download entire musical soundtrack*



 When asked if he was excited for the upcoming musical Mathews said;

Yeah of course, it should be good. I like musicals. I loved doing ‘I, Keano’”

If you’ve spent your whole Father Ted-loving-life believing that RTÉ turned down the script for the sitcom originally, Arthur Mathews quashed the myth once and for all;

“We didn’t take it to RTÉ, just for the reason that they didn’t make much comedy and we were in London at the time.”

Mathews also believes that Roy Keane was born in the wrong decade by saying;

“If Roy Keane was around in the 18th century or early 19th century he would be challenging people to duals. That’s what he’d be doing all of the time. He’d be saying “OK, let’s settle this. We’ll meet at 5 O’Clock. Pistols at dawn””

When asked what he thinks of Roy Keane, Mathews said;

“He’s a tremendous footballer. He’s very certain of his opinions. I don’t think I’d hang out with him much...”

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