Time to pack away those winter coats

Fact: it has been winter in Ireland for the past two and half years.

Freezing cold temperatures, howling winds, lashing rain - we've been treated to it all.

It even snowed on St Patrick's Day.

There's a severe lack of vitamin D in these parts and we're officially sick of it.

Well, it's finally time to poke our heads out of our self-imposed Netflix hibernation on the couch and smell the daffodils.

Met Eireann are reporting a change in the weather over the coming days, with temperatures set to reach 15 degrees this weekend.

There will still be occasional showers to put up with but the really good news comes from the forecast for next week.

According to Met Eireann's website, 'Current indications for early next week are that a strong southerly flow will develop giving above normal temperatures for the time of year.'

Us next week: