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It’s been a pretty hectic week, as the country returns to normality following Storm Emma and the massive amount of snow which was caused by it.

Never has a weekend been so needed! But instead of dragging yourself and your family or partner out for a pricey meal and a trip to the cinema, why don’t you check out these brilliant picks which are showing on TV right now, from the comfort of your own couch.


The only thing you’ll have to stress about is where to order the take-away from.

First up, this week everyone’s favourite bear is back in Paddington 2.

Paddington (voiced by Ben Whishaw) finds himself in a right spot of bother in this five-star family sequel. The marmalade-loving bear has his heart set on securing a handmade pop-up book for his Aunt Lucy's 100th birthday, but just before he's earned enough money the one-of-a-kind gift is snatched by vain, past-his-prime actor Phoenix Buchanan (an exquisitely hammy Hugh Grant).

Then, to make matters much, much worse, poor old Paddington is found guilty of the crime and sent to the slammer, so it falls to the Brown clan - led by dad Henry (Hugh Bonneville) and mum Mary (Sally Hawkins) - to mount a daring rescue. 

This movie is gorgeous to watch from start to finish and is fun for all the family,

Only The Brave features another top notch cast for this dramatisation of the 2013 forest fire that claimed the lives of 19 Arizona firefighters.

Josh Brolin and Taylor Kitsch represent, respectively, the experienced and hot-headed ends of the heroic spectrum.

Jennifer Connelly plays Brolin's anxious wife while Jeff Bridges and Miles Teller add quality spark to the A-list crew.

Tron: Legacy and Oblivion director Kosinski makes a respectful return to the real world with this truth-based tale of brotherhood and selflessness.

You may want to hold off on Keep Watching until the kids are tucked up in bed though.

Held hostage by intruders, a family must play a series of deadly games while a riveted audience follow their every move on a live stream.

It will make you think twice before you assume you’re ever truly alone in a room anymore, terrifying!

Listen to Shelly's Telly below for a full listing of all that's going on this weekend.

Watching movies at the cinema is fun, but with Sky Store you can enjoy the latest movies from the comfort of your own sofa!

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Sky Store, bringing you the latest movies straight from the cinema – to your TV!

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