There was one catch...

Only 55 people could stay in it!

If the end of the world is near head to Galway! 

Who would have thought that Nuclear paranoia had effected the people of Galway so much so that they felt the needed a bunker.

In the height of the Cold War over 50 years ago the 'Battle of the Bunker' was in full swing in the west. 

And a battle it would have been indeed, as not everyone would be saved from the end of days. 

The bunker would only fit 55 people in it, so who would get to be lucky few? 

A young reporter at the time Bill O'Herlihy took the streets of Galway to ask the locals who should get a place in the bunker. 

The most popular suggestions were those who were trades people, and of course others said women and children. 

Today Claire and Lenny built their own metaphorical bunker and asked our listeners who should get a place in their  ‘Radio-Active RoundUp’. 

Many want to see their favourite Celebs, but surly they could build their own bunker? 

- Bressie lads,he's just a real sound fella and could entertain the group -  John 

- Madonna. Just because she’s Madonna

- I need to be in that bunker I could do a break from my kids. Caroline

- Just has to be Homer Simpson, every world needs a Homer!! When it all goes belly up we can just blame him or laugh at he’s reaction! ๐Ÿ˜‚

- PJ Gallagher and Tommy Tiernan for a good laugh.

Some even voted for themselves!

Claire I should be allowed in and actually because I'm so fantastic I should actually get two places in case I get bored in the same seat. Niall

And of course a few local hero's would have to go in!

Well Fernando obviously! He’s like Lazarus!  (he could survive anything!)

Donal Faherty deserves a place in the bunker.. Castle Davitt furnitures best delivery man! 

The postman definitely has to get a spot in the bunker , who else knows Santa's home address.. from Christy the postie ๐ŸŽ…

and last but certainly not least: 

Claire I think all the politicians should go in there. They would actually have to do something when they get out lol