He Has Got His Diploma!

Britanny Hawley from Clarkson University is coming to the end of her masters degree in occupational therapy, but she could not have done it without her amazing service dog Griffin. 

The 25-year-old who suffers with chronic pain must use a wheelchair, but her life has been made so much easier thanks to her Golden retriever. 

Four year old Griffin was honoured this weekend for the service he has given Britanny through her studies and her day to day life. 

“I pushed for him to graduate from Day One,” Hawley said, “He did everything I did.”

The student from North Carolina said that he can do a range of things including opening doors, turning on lights and can even bring her items she indicates with a laser pointer.

But it's not just daily tasks that Griffin helps with, he is there for Hawley when she needs a friend. 

Hawley's illness can cause her anxiety and depression, when she is in need of company Griffin is there for her to give her comfort.

But just like everyone else Griffin will be off to work after college. 

“I couldn’t participate in anything without him,” she said. “I’m so used to him being there.”

That's exactly what we needed on a Tuesday morning.