He is 92. Incredible.

Let's start with one of our favourite moments.

Sir David chatting and saying boo to a slightly self-concious sloth who is desperate to get his weekly dump finished.

Then there's the Orangutan carpenter!

We want to see an Attenborough / Room To Improve crossover to see Dermot Bannon deal with this guy.

Reading 'Hello' from Adele.

As if this song wasn't totes emosh enough then you throw Attenborough's velvet voiced weight behind it and you're over the edge.

Then there was the time he narrated a video of a tortoise humping a croc clog:

He proves he doesn't take himself too seriously but when he narrates a heavy scene then only Morgan Freeman can come within a whisker.

This is the absolutely heart breaking moment a mother pilot whale grieves her dead calf.

It may have been poisoned by plastic, Sir David and the sea's greatest enemy.

Here's a wonderful compilation that the BBC put together of viewers fave moments to celebrate #AttenboroughWeek